Hustle culture's first no-working space

Where sandalwood 

Meets Freud. 

We bring an evidence-backed approach into a relaxation focused environment. It’s a wellness retreat next door. 

MIND- Dig deep into understanding what makes you tick with one of our licensed therapists. Or, work with one of our certified life coaches to build your path forward to achieving your personal goals. Introspection can be hard enough so we only have the best experts on our team and they are as diverse as our members and their needs. 

BODY- When your muscles get tight, visit one of our massage therapists, relaxation focused yoga class or meditation sessions. Our rotating menu of wellness classes and workshops will keep members educated on other established wellness practices and new trends. 

CONNECTION- Reconnect with yourself by spending time in one of our decompression lounge spaces where you can curl up with your journal or a book from our mindfulness library. Our member events are an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals that understand the importance of a supportive community to personal wellness.

 Downtown Detroit - 2020

We know that life can be stressful but getting the support that you deserve shouldn’t be.

Hooky days aren’t just for Ferris Bueller.

Hooky is a place to unplug. You work hard everyday so we're here to help you self-care harder.


It's time to reclaim your time and build towards your goals for tomorrow.

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